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American Hydrogen Association Disclaimer

The purpose of is to provide you with a wide range of reliable educational information about hydrogen.   Experimenting is an integral part of learning and should be fun, but experimenting with hydrogen can be potentially dangerous.   Hydrogen is flammable and it's explosive when mixed with air.   Even when following safety rules, handling compressed gases, corrosive chemicals, cryogenic liquids, power tools or electrical wiring can be dangerous.   Blinding yourself, burning down the neighborhood or committing manslaughter are not fun.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have a safe project in a safe environment.   If you have any doubts about your ability to work with hydrogen, ask a knowledgeable parent or teachers for help or consult with a professional with hydrogen safety experience.

The American Hydrogen Association, including all volunteers and employees, assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, product or process disclosed on this website nor does the American Hydrogen Association assume any legal liability or responsibility for any loss, property damage, personal injury or death arising from choices made or actions taken by any person using or misusing any information found on this website.

Check with your local authorities for zoning regulations regarding the use and storage of hydrogen.   If a manufacturer does not specify or warranty the use of hydrogen in their device, then you use their device at your own risk.

See the Hydrogen Safety pages HERE for more information.

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