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AHA Privacy Policy

In order to provide information you have expressed an interest in, process memberships or to deliver survey prizes, we need your name and current contact information - an email, mailing address or phone number. We never need a password, your Social Security number, gender, birth-date, credit card security code or shoe size.

Unless ordered by a court of law, AHA will never sell, swap or give away any personal information. Only AHA officers and their appointed representatives have access to our password protected data.

To further protect your privacy, group emails will be sent BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). The exception is team members who need to know who's participating.

Our website host analyzes website usage and we use those non-personal statistics to improve the quality of contains links to external websites. In these cases AHA can therefore take no responsibility for your third-party privacy.

Although the American Hydrogen Association exists to provide you with the best hydrogen information available, your questions and comments are invaluable in helping us.


If you are no longer interested in hearing from the AHA, let us know and we will immediately cease all communications.

Thank you.

tel. 480-234-5070

American Hydrogen Association
P.O. Box 4205
Mesa, AZ 85211

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American Hydrogen Association
P.O. Box 4205
Mesa, AZ 85211 USA
(480) 234-5070