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- Hydrogen Safety -

    Hydrogen safety is a very broad and complex subject. Topics include:

• Properties of Hydrogen
• 1st Responder Training
• Qualifications for Hydrogen Safety Personnel
• Hydrogen Standards and Building Codes
• Cryogenics
• H2 Embrittlement
• Hydrogen Leak Detection
• Equipment Certification for Hydrogen Use
• High Pressure Systems
• Gaseous Fuel Vehicle Maintenance
• Vehicle Refueling and Dispensing
• Hydrogen Storage
• Hydrogen Incident Recording and Analysis

    There is plenty of information available on hydrogen safety. Unfortunately, it has never been organized and made available in one place. In 2014, the American Hydrogen Association will create a comprehensive Hydrogen Safety Handbook. This will help show what areas need more research.


FCHEA Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety

International Association for Hydrogen Safety

NASA Safety Standard for Hydrogen

PNNL H2 Safety Best Practices

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