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GE wind turbine tower is taller, stronger, cheaper and fits in a shipping container? GE Space Frame Tower...

Honda installs hydrogen fast-fill station in California. Honda news release

The Hyundai Tucson hydrogen fuel cell vehicle goes on sale this spring for $2999 down. Watch two-minute video from Los Angeles Auto Show

Siberian Artic seabed is releasing plumes of methane from permafrost. More...

Toyota is considering installing hydrogen pumps at Toyota dealers. Fill 'Er Up

Japanese Da Vinci rotary engine converts low-grade heat to kilowatts. Waste Not, Want Not

With some Kickstarter help, Tim Sefton in Michigan is discovering what it takes to build a 1kW Stirling engine. $100 Stirling

Silicon Valley Chapter has announced the opening of their first private hydrogen fueling station, and AHA and AHASVC members now have access to free hydrogen fuel.


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